Ways to Find Jobs in USA

Ideas to find  jobs in USA

Initially, When I was researching I came to know that there are tons of articles available online telling false ways to get a job in USA. I don’t think it’s a good idea to marry a USA citizen just to get citizenship or to find a Job in USA. This sole purpose can be fulfilled in other ethical ways.

So, I decided to tell you all the proper way to get a Job in USA when you are not a citizen of USA. In some cases, not even living in USA.


Before you start to hunt a job for you there are 2 basic requirements that can help you to get hired easily in USA.

  1. Qualification

On literal note, Thousands of people apply for the job in USA but too many of them don’t get the job because of lack of qualification and specialization in the field they are applying.

When you are a non-citizen of USA and applying for the job in USA of should be highly qualified and specialized in your field as compare to citizen applicants. If this main thing is missing there is a higher chance of losing the seat.

  1. Work Permit

If you are not a citizen of US, You need to get a Employment Authorization Document (EAD) for being an eligible candidate. This is also called as work permit. Once you get this work permit next requirement is visa.

There are multiple visas available including citizenship, work visa, student visa. If you are searching about visa I would recommend you following link which may help you a lot regarding visas.

Ways to find Job in USA

Now that you have both the things to find a job in USA, there are multiple resources to find a perfect one for you:

1. Newspapers (Offline Channels)

This is the most common channel that people use to find a job in USA. If you are living there you can go through different newspapers , magazines and all other offline  channels. See job listing recently given, Contact them and follow the procedure accordingly.

I recommend to use state level newspaper instead to national newspaper, this way you will bw able to find a job within the city you are living.

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2. Online Job Portals

Internet a great blessing as it allows you to find a job online. Almost 50% of the youth in USA and in abroad use internet and online job portals to find a Job regardless of nature of the job.

If you are there to find a job you can try this online job searching method as well.

3. Social Media

Billions of people are connected at virtual social networks, this is an area of network which can not be neglected. Other than entertainment websites there are social websites available where you can apply directly and it allows you to upload your CV. Employer can directly approach the employee here. One of these websites is Linkedin. People in USA also use these Social websites to find a job.

4. official websites or direct Email

If you are not interested to look each day online for job then you can visit official website of the companies you are targeting to get a job in. You can visit their website where you can see any job openings and directly Email them. If you are the right person they are looking then they my hire you in no time.


5. Head Hunters/Recruitment agencies

This is the way most of the people don’t use these days, because they don’t believe to have a third person between employer and employee. But believe me the recruiter companies still have the best job opportunities. People in USA still use this process to find a fit job. You can go to recruiter and company will find you a Job according to your requirements. Be careful of the frauds, though.

When you searching for recruitment agencies make sure you are going to contact  reputed agency.

6. Community websites and Forums

This works when you are searching a job in a specific field. You can go to the community websites online or forums where both recruiters and employers are connected. You can put your basic needs there and find a perfect Job for yourself in USA.

There too many other ways to find a Job in USA but I emphasized on the ways that has better turnover rate.

If you are a non citizen and found a job in USA, let us know how did you find the job in comment section below.