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Visiting USA is a dream of every one in the world as USA is really the city of dreams, love, money and other attractions. USA Visit Visa is a short term non immigrant tourist visa to United States of America.

It is also known as B2 Visa. US visit visa is a non immigrant visaissued foreigners who want to visit USA temporarily for tourism, joy, meet family or friends, attending special events, family ceremonies, or for medical treatment. Any one of the above said people may qualify and can apply for USA Visitor Visa.

In order to get visitor visa to USA each applicant must have a valid passport, submit carefully filled and complete application form, pay visa fee, and appear for the visitor visa interview at the nearest applicable US consulate in his/her country.

USA Traveler visas are for global travelers reaching to the United States temporarily. When visit visa is issued it allows its holder to enter the United States. As I have mentioned above international travelers come to the United States for a wide variety of reasons, including tourism, family matters, attending special events, business, medical treatment, and certain types of temporary work, the maximum length of visit visa to USA is 6 months, therefore, USA visit visa helps the people coming to USA as visitors to do their work and enjoy their stay in United States of America.

USA Visit Visa From Pakistan
For all Pakistanis who want to visit United States of America USA visitors visa is required to enter into the United States. The US visa must be be stamped in the Pakistani traveler’s passport. There are certain countries whose travelers are eligible to travel to the United States without a visa if they meet the requirements for visa free travel to USA but unfortunately Pakistan is not one of them. Pakistani people need a valid visa to enter USA and its maximum length is 6 months. United States Visitor visa is granted for a specific purpose only, like tourism, family meetings, special events or medical treatment, etc and it is subject to approval. Pakistanis must apply and get the visitor visa stamped in their passport. Remember person entering USA on visitor visa should not be involved in study, business, or and other work. If he/she wants business visa then he/she should apply for B1 Visa and of course, for study purpose study visa is needed.


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  1. sharafat khayyam:

    before i have work one year in uk and that time i am working in dubai , so i want to vist usa please guide me how to apply for vister to usa


  2. Chauhdry Umar:

    I want a job in USA, please guide me how to apply for USA visa. THANKS!


  3. shahzad ahmad:

    i want to visit of USA , please also guide me that how can i got lottery visa of USA, (if policy are continued). many cousin are already live in USA last 15 to 20 years.
    please reply.


  4. abubakar sadiq:

    hi my name abubakar sadiq i am civil engineer. i wain to moair study plezzz give me study visa.


  5. mr khan:

    i want a job in usa please guide me how to apply for usa visa thanks


  6. Fazal Rabbani:

    Hi. can i visit to usa? With out expen


  7. ZAFAR:

    Hi I want a Job In U.S.A Please Guide Me….. thanks


  8. gul baz:

    please guide me i wan to marry or wants to get a job in USA please


  9. Asif jan:

    My problem is to study. I am very compelling at this time
    I need your help. I am very fond of education since childhood.


  10. Manazar Hussain:

    Hi can I visit to USA please guide me, thanks


  11. aliabbas:

    i like visit for usa and i like studay


  12. aliabbas:

    good comment


  13. Rizwanullah:

    hi i want a job in usa please guide me how to apply for usa visa please reply me


  14. Hina:

    i wanna merry with american boy


  15. hina:

    mein america jana chati hun



    i lik visit for usa


  17. khurram:

    the pakistan is high jack ecnomic probalam the army and govt do not look aftar me they help isis and talibanization faver abal peopels


  18. Ghulam Mohiuddin:

    My age is approximatly 62 years and I have a dairy farm Business I want to visit America
    is it posible and what is requirement and how it will be easy kindly mail me all information at my email address



    Hi sir I studied the ICT in pakistan so now i want to continou the studied so i want to go UK for studied my future so kindly sir please give the visa thanks for you


  20. zahid gul:

    Hi Sir how r u . Sir my name Zahid gul I hv my won business her in south Africa I hv waif in south Africa me and my wife want to go to USA for visit . Thank fully


  21. Engr Safer khan:

    My name is safer khan i m from Pakistan i m working as Civil engineer in UAE .i need visa for USA . I need a path to join USA .Any information u give me about VISA i will be indebted .


  22. babar:

    Me America jana chahta hun


  23. Syed Nusrat Abbas Shah:

    my age 35 old and i have my personal business in islamabad pakistan i want to visit america
    is it posible and what is requirement and how it will be easy kindly mail me all information at my email address
    thank you


  24. Shafiq:

    all countries are same , same roads, same buildings, only face, language and color differences, nothing more.
    I love my Pakistan.


  25. Sherry:

    Can anyone explain please
    What is the leagel way to get visa in USA ftom pakistan.
    Thank you very much..


    • Mamin:

      Just go to embassy , submit visa application followed by visa requirements, and visit US.


  26. arham:

    i have to go for my lprofissional license exam ,B2 visa is required for it ,how much bank statement is needed.
    kind regards


  27. Syed Muhammad Muzaffar:

    Dear Sir,
    This is me Muzaffar, I want to apply visit visa for USA kindly tell me how can apply to USA Visit visa.


  28. Muhammad Rizwan:

    Not a single person’s comment is proper. They don’t have basic English knowledge but they want to go to USA.
    I am applying for US B1 Visa along with my wife and daughter to attend cousin’s daughter marriage. I have already received Wedding card and Invitation Letter. Besides PP and Bank Statement what else required? Is there need for Affidavit from my cousin?


  29. sajjad:

    I want yi visit USA to meet my friend tell me which documents required for visit visa


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