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USA Student Visa

USA Student VisaUSA Student Visa - USA Study Visa

Every year thousands of students take advantage of  Various educational opportunities in America.  Many students from different academic background apply for the students visa like students who want bachelor's degree, liberal arts, doctoral students and many other to increase their knowledge and skills. Types of VISA:

1. Academic studies (F1 visa): This visa is for those students who want to study or do research in USA colleges or universities.
2. Vocational studies or non academic studies (M1- visa): This visa is for those people who want any training or studying in USA non academic institutions.
Student visa always take time. So students who want to study in USA should plan accordingly and apply for the visa for at least 120 days before the starting of school or college. Other wise you will wait until your visa will be accepted.  For students are at the mid of the studies can apply for visa at any time until their SE VIS number is valid.

How to Apply For USA Study Visa:
First you have to be accepted by the American exchange program or American institution.  If you are accepeted than you have to provide the financial guarantee  which will show that you have enough funds to attend the school properly and regularly.  The school or college will check and verify your financial information and will then send you a certificate of eligibility which your form I-20 or DS-160.
After that you have to follow the following steps to get your visa:
1.    You first have to complete the DS-160 non immigrant application of visa. For this you have to pay the application fee of $160.  
2.    After that you will submit confirmation form from DS-160.
3.    Current photograph of size 2x2 with white background.
4.    Photocopy of passport.
5.    Photocopy of I-20 form. The name and date in this form should match with your passport details.
6.    A  fee receipt of $200.
7.    After that you will be called for the interview on which you have to reach  30 minutes before the starting of the interview. In interview they will ask you question like why you are going to America, where you will study?, when you will leave etc.
8.    Successful applicants will then receive their visa and passport  from American Express branch.  If you don't receive your student visa in two or three weeks then contact embassy to track your application.
Just follow steps written above and get your student visa in months to study in highly valued colleges and universities and to improve your skills.





USA Visa is a great achievement for non US citizens. If a person gets USA visa then it clearly means that he has gotten the ticket to live in USA the land of education, democracy and facilities. Even when one enters USA having short term visa then he/she tries his/her best to extend his/her stay in USA. But USA Visa is not a thing that can be achieved easily. It requires some valid documents as well as money statement to enters USA. There are different types of US Visa like study visa, business visa, tourist visa, family visa, work visa and few others. Although there are few countries whose people don't need visa to enter USA. But countries like Pakistan require visa to enter United States of America. In this category of you will see full information about USA Visa.

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