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USA is the world’s most powerful country now a days. It has world’s largest national economy, one of the best education system, facilities for its people, and many other things that attract people from rest of the world to come to USA and stay there not only for study, visit or jobs purpose. But going to USA is not an easy task specially for Pakistani people why? If you are a Pakistani then you might have the answer of this “why”? As you know what we are doing and what’s our fame in America? I don’t mean Pakistanis can’t go to America for study or visit or any other reason. But I must say it has becoming more difficult for the common person to get USA Visa for any purpose now a days. There are too many Pakistanis working, studying and living in America. In order to reach United States one need to get USA Visa if he/she is not US citizen excluding few countries that are set for visa free travel to United States of America.


Category B Visa For USA

Any individual who wishes to visit the US on vacation or business and doesn't fit the bill for without visa set out or who wishes to remain longer than 90 days must seek a classification B visa. Visitor’s visas aren't needed by Canadian residents and most outside occupants of Canada (arrived settlers) who enter the US as guests, or by Mexican nationals with a US fringe intersection card. Visitor’s visas are the most usually issued visas and are legitima...
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USA Immigration Visa Infromation

The thought that the USA is a country of immigrants is something of a fantasy, as just 13 percent of US occupants are outside conceived, generally the same as Germany and Sweden, however short of what Canada, Switzerland and Australia. In 2012, there were 40 million outside conceived individuals in the USA, which was an increment of around 9 million contrasted with information from 2000. Nonetheless, in the wake of the terrorist assaults of September...
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Immigration Visa Policies and Documentation

The application method and documentation for immigrant visas changes as indicated by the immigrant class and the techniques of the neighborhood US government office or department. When your request has been acknowledged you ought to get a bundle of data from your local US consulate office. Follow the instructions in this parcel precisely, particularly those related to how and where to pay the visa application charge. Most consular work places o...
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USA Green Card Visa Lottery

A legal permanent residence is normally called a 'Green Card' in the U.S. This alludes to the privilege to live and work in the country for an indistinct time of time, and a chance to appeal for his family member to be the permanent resident. The card bears you the advantage of having the capacity to uninhibitedly enter and passageway the US freely, openly work or set up your own business and get government grants, among many other benefits. The fundame...
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USA Visit Visa » US Non Immigrant Visa Information

USA Visit Visa - USA Visitor Visa Visiting USA is a dream of every one in the world as USA is really the city of dreams, love, money and other attractions. USA Visit Visa is a short term non immigrant tourist visa to United States of America. It is also known as B2 Visa. US visit visa is a non immigrant visaissued foreigners who want to visit USA temporarily for tourism, joy, meet family or friends, attending sp...
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USA Student Visa Types and Requirements

USA Student Visa - USA Study Visa Every year thousands of students take advantage of  Various educational opportunities in America.  Many students from different academic background apply for the students visa like students who want bachelor's degree, liberal arts, doctoral students and many other to increase their knowledge and skills. Types of  Study VISA: 1. Academic studies (F1 visa): This visa is for those students who want to ...
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USA Business Visa » B1 Visa For USA

USA Business Visa - American Business Visa People all over the world dream to have USA business visa as it will enable them to work and have business in United States of America. Every year thousands of people go to USA for work. These people are having different professions like researchers, artists, business,  information technology, participants, scientists, athletes, investors, religious, workers, doctors and many other.  But you need a legal permiss...
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