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This area of the site gives well ordered site pages clarifying the procedure for family and work based migration, and portrays what you should do. You might need to utilize this in mix with the visual, Immigrant Visa Process Overview stream chart. The family connections and particular sorts of work that can be supported for movement reasons for existing depend on U.S. movement laws, which build up both the permissible worker visa classes, prerequisites for qualification, and systems. While numerous family connections can be supported, some family connections can’t be supported to move to the United States. To move in view of business, both manager and imminent representative must meet certain prerequisites. The request of recorded by the U.S. support must be endorsed by USCIS before you can start the means in settler visa application process. Take in more about recording a request. it is very tough to get usa visa and immigration now days.

About Submitting a Petition

To apply for a foreigner visa, an outside national must be supported by a U.S. subject relative(s), U.S. legitimate perpetual occupant, or by an imminent boss, and be the recipient of an affirmed request. An initial phase in the process is the support documenting an appeal to with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

A U.S. native can record a settler visa appeal to for:

  • Companion
  • Child or little girl
  • Parent
  • Sibling or sister

A U.S. legal perpetual inhabitant (that is, a green-card holder) can document a worker visa appeal to for:

  • Companion
  • Unmarried child or little girl

Petitions Required to be Filed in the United States

U.S. natives and legitimate lasting occupant supports living in the United States record Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, with the USCIS Chicago Lockbox office, following guidelines on the USCIS site. U.S. bosses document Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker, as trained on the USCIS site.

Recording Petitions Outside the United States

While most outsider visa petitions are documented in the United States, recording certain sorts of appeal to frames outside the United States is constrained. Find out about recording petitions outside of the United States.

Request of Approval

Your worker request of must be affirmed by USCIS before you can start the foreigner visa application process.

After Your Petition is Approved

Petitions (Forms I-130 and Forms I-140) endorsed by USCIS in the United States are sent to the Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) for pre-preparing. At the point when your appeal to ends up noticeably present, or is probably going to end up plainly current inside one year, the NVC starts outsider visa pre-preparing, including gathering visa charges, structures, and records from supports (solicitors) and settler visa applicant(s).

Number of Visas Each Year is Limited in Some Categories

Joined States laws confine the quantity of migrant visa numbers accessible every year in certain visa classifications. This implies regardless of the possibility that USCIS favors a migrant visa request of for you; you may not get a foreigner visa number quickly. Likewise, U.S. law additionally restrains the quantity of visas accessible in specific classifications by nation. For restricted classifications, the accessibility of outsider visa numbers relies upon the date your appeal to be recorded. This is called your need date.

Start National Visa Center (NVC) Processing

Welcome to the landing page of the National Visa Center (NVC). You have resulted in these present circumstances page since you got a letter or email from NVC guiding you here after NVC got your affirmed request of from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It would be ideal if you finish Steps 1-6 beneath to finish pre-handling of your outsider visa application. These means are important before NVC can plan your visa meet at a U.S. International safe haven or Consulate abroad. On the off chance that you have not been coordinated to this page by letter or email from NVC, you will discover general data about the worker visa process here

Gather and Submit Forms and Documents to the NVC

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After you have finished Step 1 (Choose a specialist) and Step 2 (Pay expenses), you will present your visa application frame, and gather and present the expected reports to the National Visa Center (NVC). This procedure will be clarified in Steps 3 through 6. After the fundamental structures and reports have been gathered, and when your need date is present (if pertinent), the NVC will plan your meeting at the fitting U.S. Government office or Consulate. The NVC will then exchange your case document to the U.S. International safe haven or Consulate.

Submit Visa Application Form

After you pay your expenses, you and each qualified relative moving with you should finish the Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration (Form DS-260) in the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC). You may wish to review a specimen DS-260 (PDF – 6.4MB) preceding start. Submitting Form DS-260 does not formally execute a visa application. The visa application isn’t formally made until the visa applicant(s) is met by a U.S. consular officer. Subsequent to submitting Form DS-260 on the web, you should print the affirmation page and convey it to your meeting. You can print this from CEAC whenever after you finish your DS-260 application

Gather Financial Documents

After you present your visa application, you may need to gather archives demonstrating your solicitor can monetarily bolster you in the United States. You will present these archives to NVC in Step 6. Solicitors are required to present an Affidavit of Support frame and confirmation of their salary. The Affidavit of Support frame, additionally called the I-864, is legitimately required for most family-based and some business based migrants. It is a legitimate contract between the candidate (support) of a settler visa candidate and the U.S. government. By and large, the accompanying aiming foreigners require an Affidavit of Support:

  • Candidates for family-based outsider visas, including certain vagrants.
  • Candidates for work based outsider visas where a relative recorded the foreigner visa appeal to or has a five percent or more prominent proprietorship enthusiasm for the business that documented the request.

Gather Supporting Documents

After you gather your monetary structures and supporting money related proof, you and every relative moving with you to the United States should gather the common records that are required to help your visa application. You have to:

  • Assemble the archives that apply to you utilizing the data beneath.
  • Send a photocopy of all required common reports to NVC.
  • Bring the first archives (or confirmed duplicates) in addition to a photocopy to your visa meet at the U.S. International safe haven or Consulate.

All records not written in English, or in the official dialect of the nation in which you are applying for a visa, must be joined by affirmed interpretations. The interpretation must incorporate an announcement marked by the interpreter expressing that:

  • The interpretation is exact, and
  • The interpreter is able to decipher.

Your common archives must be issued by a suitable specialist in your nation. Utilize the Document Finder device beneath to find out about the necessities for every nation.

Submit Documents to the NVC

After you gather the monetary confirmation in Step 4, and supporting archives in Step 5, you should present these things in ONE bundle to NVC. Your case might be fundamentally deferred on the off chance that you don’t present the greater part of your records in the meantime.

i) Present a Petition

ii) After Your Petition is Approved

iii) Start National Visa Center (NVC) Processing

iv) Pick an Agent

v) Pay Fees

vi) Gather and Submit Forms and Documents to the NVC

vii) Submit Visa Application Form

viii) Gather Financial Documents

ix) Gather Supporting Documents

x) Submit Documents to the NVC


NVC plans arrangements one month ahead of time. The U.S. International safe haven or Consulate General reveals to NVC what dates they are holding meetings, and NVC fills these arrangements in a first-in, first-out way. Most arrangements are set inside 60 days of NVC receipt of all asked for documentation. Be that as it may, we can’t anticipate when a meeting arrangement will be accessible.