Festivals in USA

Festivals in USA

America is a full of heritage and cultures. These cultures are shown and celebrated through different festivals. Here are some important festivals of America a traveller must know about. When you are with family you need to attend these festivals in USA for sure.


  1. Kutztown Folk Festival

One of the most attend worthy festivals is Kutztown festival which was started in the 1950’s when 3 local professors decided to celebrate the Pennsylvanian German population in the country. Kutztown Folk Festival is known as one of the biggest festivals in USA, it has completed 60 years of celebrations and it attracts thousands of people. People wear traditional costumes and traditional music is played in the background. Mostly pastries and fresh bread is served in Kutztown Folk Festival.
Location of festival : Kutztown, Pennsylvania
Dates of the festival 2019: June 29 to July 7, 2019


  1. New Orleans Mardi Gras

If you are waiting to see thrill and color of Festivals in USA you must go to  Mardi Gras festival, It includes couple of events all around the city. This festival is organized by the social club of the city, people wear colorful dress and parade in the city. The dress code for New Orleans Mardi Gras  festival is the cloth of the colors signifying Power justice and faith Which are gold, purple and green.
Location of the Festival : New Orleans, Louisiana
Date of the Festival 2019: March 5,2019.


  1. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

This event is one of the greatest festivals in USA, You would have not seen anything like this in your entire life, we guarantee. Can you Imagine a sky filled with colors? Yes, hundreds of colorful hot air balloons in the air making a colored sky during  Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta . You can see this out of your imagination by visiting this event. Almost 500 hot air balloons can be seen in the air making a magical atmosphere for visitors. Along with enjoying the scene you can have a ride in the hot air balloon as well. These rides are charged and prices can be inquired on spot at the event. This thing , makes Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta one of the best festivals in USA.
Location of the Event: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dates of the event 2019: 5 Oct 2019 to 13 Oct 2019.


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  1. Jazz and Heritage Festival

New Orleans is fairly famous as party city of USA. That’s why almost half the festivals are of the festivals in USA are celebrated here. People are too much involved in partying and clubbing all around the year but in Jazz and Heritage Festival you can see the artistic side of the local people. They create master pieces of music and show a great work of art. You can see a different side of Orleans in Jazz and Heritage festival which is related to culture of USA. This festival is one of the best musical festivals in USA.
Location of the Event: New Orleans, Louisiana
Dates 2019: 26th April 2019 to  6th  May 2019 (Friday to Monday)


  1. Aloha Festival

If you are interested in  festival celebrations in the USA culture hich can be visited by all kinds of visitors like families , ladies and kids , then Aloha festival is the right option you are looking for. In this Festival Hawaiian culture is celebrated. Aloha Festival  takes place on one island. It preserves the Hawaiian culture and Heritage. In Aloha Festival street performances are included along with music stage shows.In order to learn about the Hawaiian culture workshops are arranged, people do some food fasting.This festival is a family oriented festival and it is full of enjoyment along with the cultural awareness. No fee is charged for Aloha Festival.
Location of the Event: Honolulu, Hawaii
Dates of the Festival 2019: March 9th,10th 2019.


  1. Seafood Festival in Boston

On our list Boston sea food festival is last but not the least festival out of top festivals in USA, It shows a long-term relationship of people of Boston with seafood. It means a lot for people in terms of income and food.The dishes made of not only sea food but also in the traditional style of Boston. The best part is that the food is also very healthy so if you are conscious about your health and weight. You don’t need to get worried eating these cultural dishes.

Location of the event: Boston, Massachussets
Date of the festival 2019: August 4th , 2019.