Top Ten Cities in United States By Population

US Top Ten Cities by Population – Top 10 USA Cities by Population

USA has many famous cities that have their own charm. People from all over the world come to USA and live in different cities of USA. If one has no money problem then he/she pick New York or Los Angeles, or Chicago or Houston, may be San Francisco or San Diego.

But they might be missing out something like silence, as all these cities are great but have too many people already living in.
This list refers only to the population of individual municipalities of these cities within their defined limits, which does not include other municipalities or unincorporated suburban areas within urban agglomerations. A different ranking is evident when considering US metropolitan area populations. All these 10 cities included in the list are very popular not only in USA but also in different parts of the rest of the world, that’s why people prefer to live in these cities.
Top 10 USA Cities by Population are:

This is the list of cities of United States by population on April 1, as counted in the 2010 by United States Census.

  1. New York City, NY

Populace: 8,550,405

Moniker: “The Big Apple” and “The City that Never Sleeps”

Why You Should Move: Fast-paced and fiery, New York City is home to a large number of the world’s most notable neighborhoods, best eateries, surely understood galleries and various neighborhoods. New York City is likewise one of the biggest social and budgetary centers on the planet.

Populace Notes: According to the World Population Review, the number of inhabitants in New York City is required to achieve 9 million by 2040.

Middle Home Price: The middle posting cost for a home in New York City, NY is an expensive $849,000.

  1. Los Angeles, CA

Populace: 3,971,883

Moniker: “City of Angels,” “Fantasy world,” “The Big Orange” and “Tinseltown.”

Why You Should Move: Home to big names, craftsmen and free spirits, Los Angeles attracts constantly individuals from each edge of the globe. This cosmopolitan city offers a center point for media outlets, and also closeness to shorelines, woodlands and climbing trails.

Populace Notes: It’s critical to take note of that the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan region really has a populace of 12.8 million, making it the second biggest metropolitan range in the nation after the New York City metropolitan zone – as detailed by the World Population Review.

Middle Home Price: The middle posting cost for a home in Los Angeles, CA is $775,000.

  1. Chicago, IL

Populace: 2,720,546

Moniker: “The Windy City”

Why You Should Move: Located on Lake Michigan, Chicago’s incredible eatery scene, widely acclaimed exhibition halls, moderately low lodging costs and Midwestern appeal make this city an extraordinary place to call home. The city is likewise acclaimed for its famous design and excellent horizon.

Populace Notes: Chicago is by a wide margin the biggest city in the State of Illinois. As indicated by the World Population Review, Chicago’s populace has slowly fallen – however the populace in its metro region has developed, demonstrating a move towards rural life.

Middle Home Price: The middle posting cost for a home in Chicago is a genuinely reasonable $245,000.

  1. Houston, TX

Populace: 2,296,224

Epithet: “Space City,” “Straight City,” “H Town” and “The Big Heart.”

Why You Should Move: Houston’s steady employment showcase, different economy and moderate neighborhoods, make this Texas city a prominent decision for youthful experts and families. In years past, the city was positioned number one by Forbes for paycheck worth, and was incorporated into Forbes rundown of “Best Places for Business and Careers.”

Populace Notes: According to World Population Review, Houston makes up the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugarland metropolitan range, which is the fifth biggest in the United States.

Middle Home Price: The middle posting cost for a home in Houston is $282,000.

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  1. Philadelphia, PA

Populace: 1,567,442

Moniker: “The City of Brotherly Love”

Why You Should Move: notwithstanding being a standout amongst the most generally critical urban communities in the nation, Philadelphia offers a hip expressions scene, various music settings and a lot of stylish eateries. The city is additionally a noteworthy activity center in Pennsylvania, with a few substantial organizations situated in the region, including Comcast, CIGNA, Aramark and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Populace Notes: World Population Review reports this assessed populace of Philadelphia demonstrates a surprising increment since the 2010 registration. The city has been developing quickly, and is currently “the second-quickest developing district in the locale.”

  1. Phoenix, AZ

Populace: 1,563,025

Why You Should Move: Surrounded by abandon mountains and various climbing trails, Phoenix is an incredible place to live for the individuals who adore daylight and nature. The city likewise brags year-round bright climate, five star fairways, and a minimal effort of living.

Moniker: “The Valley of the Sun” and “The Salt River Valley”

Populace notes: World Population Review reports that the Phoenix metropolitan range is presently accepted to be the twelfth biggest metropolitan zone in the U.S.

Middle Home Price: The middle posting cost for a home in Phoenix is $285,000.

  1. San Antonio, TX

Populace: 1,469,845

Epithet: “Alamo City”

Why You Should Move: Looking to move out west? San Antonio, home of the well known Alamo, is rich in history and the wild west culture. The city offers a flourishing activity showcase, delectable Tex-Mex, a family-accommodating condition, and a huge number of celebrations and group social affairs.

Populace Notes: In 2012, San Antonio added more than 25,000 new occupants to its city, causing a major knock in populace – as indicated by World Population Review.

Middle Home Price: The middle posting cost for a home in San Antonio is $235,000.

  1. San Diego, CA

Populace: 1,394,928

Moniker: “America’s Finest City”

Why You Should Move: Quickly getting to be plainly one of the quickest developing urban communities in the U.S., San Diego is a prevalent city for shoreline devotees, foodies and youthful experts. The radiant city offers a huge number of outside recreational exercises and a vigorous games culture.

Populace Notes: According to World Population Review, San Diego is a piece of the San Diego-Tijuana global metropolitan range, with 4.9 million individuals.

Middle Home Price: The middle posting cost for a home in San Diego is $649,000.

  1. Dallas, TX

Populace: 1,300,092

Moniker: “The Big D”

Why You Should Move: Rated as a “beta in addition to” world city, Dallas is a pioneer in business enterprise, advancement and tech. The city offers a different populace, a blasting economy and a flourishing activity showcase.

Populace Notes: The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan territory is the seventh-biggest metro zone in the nation, as indicated by World Population Review.

Middle Home Price: The middle posting cost for a home in Dallas is $385,000.

  1. San Jose, CA

Populace: 1,026,908

Moniker: “The Capital of Silicon Valley”

Why You Should Move: Recently recorded as one of the best 10 most livable urban areas in America by Smart Asset, this radiant and sprawling California city offers a strong activity showcase and incredible schools.

Populace Notes: San Jose is the biggest city in Northern California, simply passing the one million stamps in 2014, as indicated by World Population Review.

Middle Home Price: The middle posting cost for a home in San Jose is an expensive $750,000.

These different U.S. urban areas fall not far behind in prevalence. Here’s whatever remains of the main 50 most crowded urban communities in the U.S.