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USA Cities – Important Cities of United States
USA is world’s leader now a days and really the super power of this world. The United States of America is situated in North America. There are 50 states in USA. Every state having many popular cities and of course different kinds of people living in them. New York is not only the capital of USA but also the biggest city of United States of America based on population while the second biggest city in the USA is Los Angele and the third biggest city is Chicago.
Different USA cities provide best living standard in the world. USA cities are the best places for tourists, businessmen, students, players, scientists, philosophers, doctors and politicians. American cities have a significant advantage in their ability to attract the most talented people of the world. It is important to note that few of the biggest and most important cities of USA are not the best suitable places in which to live due to high levels of crime, traffic congestion and few other reasons. USA has a huge number of unique, fabulous, fascinating, glorious cities and plenty of natural attractions that make it must visit country.
In this section of you will find some interesting and somewhat informative facts about different cities of United States.


Top Ten Cities in United States By Population

US Top Ten Cities by Population - Top 10 USA Cities by Population USA has many famous cities that have their own charm. People from all over the world come to USA and live in different cities of USA. If one has no money problem then he/she pick New York or Los Angeles, or Chicago or Houston, may be San Francisco or San Diego. But they might be missing out something like silence, as all these cities are great but have too many people already living in. ...
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New York City in United States of America

New York - Most fascinating city in USA New York city is not only most populous city of United States of America but also remained the capital of the United States. New York city is the most populous city in America and ranks 12th among major cities in the world by population covering the land area of 305 square miles. There is nearly 180 different languages used in the New York city. New York is an important center for intern...
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Boston City in United States of America

Boston - The Athens of America Boston City is one of the oldest and expensive cities in United States of America. It is the largest and capital city in Massachusetts. Boston city has an area of 48.43 squares miles. Boston had nearly a  population of 1,000,000 people including men, women and children. Boston has rich attractive, cultural, diplomatic, economic, social and marvelous history. Boston is the heaven of students. Every year thousands of ...
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Entertainment Capital of the World Los Angeles City

Los Angeles - City of Angels Los Angeles is the most populous city with the population of 3,792,621. It is the most populous city in the state of California, and the second most populous in the United States of America. New York comes first. It is also known by its initials L.A. It has an area of 468.67 square miles (1,213.8 km), It is located in Southern California near the Pacific Ocean. Los Angeles originated on September 4th, 1781, b...
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