Boston City in United States of America

BostonThe Athens of America

Boston City is one of the oldest and expensive cities in United States of America. It is the largest and capital city in Massachusetts. Boston city has an area of 48.43 squares miles. Boston had nearly a  population of 1,000,000 people including men, women and children.

Boston has rich attractive, cultural, diplomatic, economic, social and marvelous history. Boston is the heaven of students. Every year thousands of students come to Boston for study purpose as it offers valuable education and its education system is one of the best education system in the world. People from different parts of the world also come every year to work, visit or live in Boston. 12 million annual visitors across the world enter in Boston. It has top level colleges and universities that offer higher education in research and other topics and foreign students find it best for education.

Boston is rich in transport too. Its people use buses, cars and boats for transports. Buses transport is cheaper than car transport. Boston has eight sister cities namely Kyoto, Strasbourg, Barcelona, Hangzhou, Padua, Melbourne, Taipei and Sekondi Takoradi.
Boston has many nick name like Bean town, Cradle of modern America, the Hub, and the walking city. Temperature of Boston is really pleasant one. It experiences that the coldest months are January, February with a mean temperature of 28 degrees and warmest months are July and August with a mean temperature around 72 degree.
Although Boston is one of the most expensive cities in the United States to live. But if one can afford living in Boston then he/she always prefer Boston to live in than any other city of USA. With a population of nearly 1,000,000 person, Boston is the tenth largest metropolitan area in America.

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